Diablo IV Anniversary Celebration Promotion (June 8 To 28) - Included Exciting Giveaways

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Benefit 1️⃣ 10,000M Gold Giveaway + 1,000 Duriel Mats Giveaway
How to enter⬇️
Press the thumbs-up, comment and forward to participate
Just check link: https://x.com/Iggmcom
Five winners will win 10,000M Gold, and another five winners will win 1,000 Duriel Mats, a total of ten winners.

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From June 8th to 28th, there are the following benefits for purchasing Diablo 4 services⬇️
Benefit 2️⃣ 10% Bonus D4 Gold
Benefit 3️⃣ Down 5% OFF All Hot D4 Mats (Duriel/Andariel/Varshan/Stygian Stone)

In addition, there is an additional 6% discount code "WTS" with no threshold.

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